A very brief summary of Populisterna Sweden’s new political force

Populisterna is a new political movement in Sweden that has sprung out of ”Fria Medborgare” and ”Medborgarlönepartiet”. We are registred to take part in the upcoming Swedish elections in september of 2018. Populisterna is nor left or right but strives forward.

The party has a few main points.

Number one is to radically change the rules for private banking in Sweden. ”Fractional reserve banking” must stop and our analysts have worked out a complete solution!

Number two is to implement ”citzens wages” or ”base income”. Of Swedens 4 200 billion SEK in GNP half of it is spent in ineffective social insurance systems and are about to crasch. 990 billion SEK kan finance a base income of 19 559:- SEK/Month to secure the growing part of its citizens that stand without employment. Sweden is a highly automated industrial country and will not be in need of all the workforce of yesterday.

Number three Sweden can no longer accept migration at the level it has been since 2014. Sweden can no longer be a member of the European Union since Sweden is a net contributer of over 30 billion SEK / Year.

Number four Sweden has an average income tax pressure of 75% that finances redicilous projects,  in for example Africa and has 1700 state enteties that costs enormous amounts of money without benefiting the average Swedish citizen.

Number five Swedish retirement funds are broke and retired people pay full taxes. Populisterna wants to remove taxes on pensions.

Number six The Swedish government keeps borrowing money on the international finance market just to ”on Paper” balance the state budget. Populisterna knows that this is stupid and very unnecessary. A strong tax-cut would balance the budget automatically.

Number seven the Swedish health care system is so corrupt that the main authority called ”Landstinget” for example purchases socks for SEK 6000:/pair since its controlled by incompetent politicians. The health-care system does not work at all and the waiting time for serious health problems could be years. Still this system costs more than in the rest of the western world and is not effective. Populisterna wants to change all this.

More to come/red


  1. Base income is an absolutely atrocious idea, and it would have extremely destructive effects on the economy in the short and long term. Even if you ignore the obvious moral problems with distributing peoples rightfully earned money through back door communism, it is still an absolute terrible idea.


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